How To Promote Your Blog And Make Money Blogging With Sverve

Sverve is a nice website where bloggers can promote their blog posts, connect with like minded people and also make money online by paid blogging.

How bloggers can get started promoting their blog posts on Sverve?

Becoming a member is easy and you can become one even if your blog is relatively new. If you are a blogger looking to get visitors to his blog and make money you should sign up as “influencer”.  To sign up you will need a valid email address or you can simply sign up through Facebook or Twitter.

Next step is to create your profile and provide details about your blog and social media following. You will also need to add areas of influence which you can add maximum of five. If your blog is about blogging, making money online, affiliate marketing than you should add those or any other five that may apply to your blog.

Each of the areas of influence that you have listed will have a score attached to it. The score of each of these areas of influence can change over time by either rising of decreasing and the thing that can contribute to their rise or fall are the endorsements you receive from other members. If let’s say other members endorse your expertise on certain area you write about then your score for that particular area will go up. Sverve influence along with social and blog influence will determine the total score of your profile.  Since higher score is better you should make effort other members to endorse you.

When you join Sverve your score in the beginning will be low. You can however increase your score by being active member. You can improve your score by following and endorsing other members. They will then in return endorse you and gradually that way you will increase your score.

Another tip on how to increase your score is to always share your new posts on Sverve.  Sharing your blog posts is easy and you can share it with just a click once you publish it. If you have images in your post they will be shown on Sverve feed which can increase the click through rate on your links. Your score will increase when other members comment your posts or favorite them. Because of this you should share all your posts.

Making money on Sverve

Sverve also offer bloggers a way to make money. Bloggers can apply to Sverve campaigns that are posted by  advertisers and earn reward for completing it. Bloggers aside from financial reward  can get free products or other incentives from advertisers. To complete  a campaign bloggers usually are required to review a product after which they will be get their reward. There are always many campaigns available that bloggers can apply to. To see a list of campaigns all that is necessary is to click on a “Campaigns” tab and apply to those who interest them. Advertisers will review all applicants and select those that meet their requirements.