How To Use Digg To Promote Your Content And Get Visitors To Your Blog

Digg is one of the most popular social websites today that members use to share webpages and articles they like but also to find content that they are interested in.

Members can submit or as it is called dig content they like by typing to url of the webpage and write a description as well as selecting an appropriate category. Once the content is submitted it becomes available to all Digg members and they either “digg” or “bury”. If the content gets many “diggs” will become popular and appear on the front page where many more members can see it and click on links to visit the original posts. Members can also socialize and add friends, share links with other members and also comment on them.

Digg is one of the most popular websites on internet that bloggers can use to drive traffic to their blogs.  If their posts get to the first page the number of visitors can be substantial. Blog owners can also find interesting articles to read and connect with other people with similar interests.  In addition to all this Digg is free to join.

Tips how to make use of Digg

  1. Follow the guidelines. There are certain guidelines members must follow. By following the guidelines users will add more value to the community. One of the more important rules is to links to the original content.

  2. Don’t submit only your own content. Digg is a great place where bloggers can get more visitors to their blogs. However if member submits his own content too frequently can get penalized by Digg. Bloggers should have their content submitted by someone else like a friend or a colleague.

  3. Don’t submit only one blog post at a time. Digg trackes users that submit only one post at a time. Because of this when you log in make sure you submit more than one link. Your submits should also be from different sources. That should keep you safe from being penalized.

  4. Be active member of the community. More active members of the Digg community have better chance of driving more traffic to their blog from Digg. Active members that submit many posts from different sources, make friends, comment of other diggs will get noticed by other users and this will increase their chances of their content getting more diggs from others. If they get many diggs from other users will increase the chances of their posts appear on front page and drive lots of traffic from Digg.

  5. Write a good title and description for your Diggs. Title and description is what other users will first see. Because of this you need to make an effort to write great title and description which will attract the attention of other users so they can click on your links and visit the original posts. This will increase the chances of getting more Diggs and having your post featured on front page which will result in more visitors to your blog..