Why Bloggers Should Join Blog Networks

People build blogs for many reasons. Some do it for fun, share their ideas with the rest of the world, promote their business or simply to make some extra money by advertisements, affiliate links of other methods that are available for blog monetization.

To be able to make money with a blog, owners first must drive traffic and increase their audience. There are many methods that bloggers use to promote and grow their blogs. One of those methods which is used to promote blogs is to join blog networks. Not many bloggers are member of blog networks and don’t know that they can help them promote and grow their blogs.

If you are one of the blog owners that don’t know much about blog networks first of all is necessary to explain what are blog networks. As the name itself explains is  network of blogs that are connected to each other. The blogs that are part of a blog network can be owned by different owners or owned by a same owner. The objective of the network is to help in promotion of the blogs and increase the traffic and as a result the amount of money generated by blogs.

Blogs in a network are linked together under a common name and that way they help promoting each other.   Blog networks come in many sizes and shapes and can have varying purposes and goals.

Joining blog networks has many advantages that they bring to blog owners. Some of them are:

  1. Increase of blog traffic. One of the benefits in being a member of blog networks is that blogger can expect to see at least a minimal increase in the number of people that visit their blog as a result of them being part of the network. If you are active member and shareyour post you can expect to see increase in the number of the visitors.

  2. Establish relationship with other blog owners. Blog networks are made from more blogs which number can sometimes be high as hundreds and even thousands owned by as many bloggers. All of them share some common interests and goals with whom you communicate and exchange ideas which will be beneficial to all.

  3. Learning new things. The advantage on sharing knowledge and learning new things from other members is one of the greatest things associated with being a member of blog networks. You can learn new things by reading blog posts by other members that interest you. This will result in you becoming a better blogger and growing your blog.

  4. Opportunity for guest blogging. When member of blog network you can connect with other members and some of them may want to publish a post about an issue you are familiar with. You can offer to write a blog post for them and  this will help establish your reputation as an expert.

  5. Building links for SEO purposes. Every time you publish a post on a blog network you can many links pointing to your blog. The more links you have pointing to you blog the more your blog will rise in the ranking in blog network as well as in the search engines like Google.

Blog networks can be a great way to promote and grow your blog if you know how to take advantage of them. To be succcesful you must connect with other blog owners and must be prepared to give as well as take. If you help other members to achive their goals so they will return the favor. Also remember that just as with many other things  success does not come over nigh because you will need time to build your relations with other bloggers.