How To Sell Online And Make Money From Used Stuff

There is not a single home in the world that does not have useful stuff on the attic or the  garage or anywhere around that does not do any good but collecting dust. Probably even in your house you have things you no longer use and don’t need. Instead just leaving those things to collect dust and occupy precious space you can be making money online by selling them.

Instead of accumulating stuff you can sell them and make money you can spend on vacations, pay some of your bills and buy stuff you can actually use. You can organize a yard sale or a garage sale or whatever you call it and invite people from your neighbourhood to come and check out what you have to offer, or you can be making money online from them by selling them on internet.

What are advantages of selling unwanted stuff online.

  1. Selling online is easy. Most people think that everything that has to do with doing business online is very complicated and very expensive. Most people believe you need your own website to sell online which can be very difficult and expensive to build. This is not true. There are websites online where you can sell your unwanted stuff to interested buyers for a small listing fee.

  2. You can find more potential buyers online than you would offline. If you organize your yard sale or garage sale at home you will likely reach customers from your own neighbourhood or your own town, but online you can show your items to thousands even millions potential buyers.

  3. You can get better price online. Because there are more potential buyers you can bargain better price with people who would be very interested in buying certain items.

Where can you sell stuff online

There are websites online where you can list your unwanted stuff for sale. These websites are perfect place for your garage sale because they are the place where buyers and sellers meet. Selling on them is simple and easy and will cost you a small fee. Here are some place where you can sell your unused stuff:

  1. Ebay – is world largest online auction house. Listing your items on Ebay will cost you a fee but there are lots of buyers on Ebay and you are guaranteed to find buyers for all of your unwanted stuff. On Ebay you can get price for your items, so the listing fee is definitely worth it.

  2. Craigslist – is also another great to start making money online selling your unwanted stuff. Craigslist is world largest classifieds ads website. You can easily place classified ad on Craigslist offering your items in your area or you can offer them to other states. To sell you need to register account, navigate to appropriate category write description of whatever you are selling and provide your contact details. If you want to increase your chances you can add a picture of the item you are selling.

  3. TripleClicks – is a new and rapidly growing website where you can hold your garage sale online. Click here to get free complementary listing and turn your unwanted stuff that is piling in your attic, basement and garage into cash.