Make Money Online For Free With Webanswers

Today many people are interested in making money online for free. There are many ways you can make extra money online, some of them don’t require any investment to get started. One of the sites you can make money online for free is Webanswers. Webanswers is a question and answer website similar to Yahoo Answers. Unlike other question and answer websites, Webanswers rewards it’ s contributors for posting and answering questions  by sharing their advertising revenue with them. Webanswers earns money with Adsense and gives a percentage of ad impression to the community members.  To be able to start making money online with Webanswers you will also need an Adsense account.

Step by step guide on making money with Webanswers

  1. Open an account. To open your account with Webanswers is free and easy. All you need is an email account and you can become part of the community in a minute.

  2. Start answering questions. Once you have your account opened start answering question posted by other community members.  There are questions from many categories such as : Relationships and Family, Business, Politics, Shopping, Science, Math, Ars, Travel, Taxes,Legal, Real Estate. Almost anyone can find a question he knows the answer to. All the members earn a share of the revenue from their answers. If your answer is awarded, they you will keep all the revenue generated from that question.

  3. Start making money with Adsense. When you have answered 50 questions you will be asked for your adsense pub ID to start making money from your question and answers. If you don’t have an adsense account yet, you will receive an email invitation to open one. You will earn 60% revenue share and Webanswers keeps 40%.

Tips to maximize your earnings on Webanswers

  1. Be active every day. Try to answer and ask as many question as you can every day. The more you contribute the better but try to answer or ask at least 20 questions every day.

  2. Give answers on questions you know the answer. Don’t just copy the answer from somewhere else but provide original answer that will be helpful to the people that are asking them. Don’t  give a very short and vague answer just for the sake on answering questions, but give a good explanation .

  3. Find questions that have few answers to answer them.  Some questions will have dozens of answers because they are probably easy to answer. Because all the contributors earn a revenue share from their, you will likely not make much by answering those questions.