Earn Real Money Online: 12 Minute Affiliate Review

   Today many people dream of making money
online and escaping the 9 to 5 job routine. Many people really do
make money online. The are many ways o earn money online like
freelancing, blogging, paid surveys, testing websites, selling sed
stuff, tutoring and many more.

     However those who are more experienced know that one of the
best if not the best way to earn serious money online is affiliate
marketing. So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is
selling someone else's products for a commission. If for instance you
sell a $100 product and your commission is 20% than you make $20 on
each and every sale you make. Now you take into consideration that
using internet you can reach thousands upon thousands potential
customers then you can begin to realize why internet affiliate
marketing is the best way to make money online. There are affiliate
marketers who made millions of dollars from the comfort of their home
using only computer and internet connection.

     Just like any other business, affiliate marketing is something
that is impossible to even scratch the surface if you don't have any
real and genuine knowledge about. So the first and most important
step is to acquire skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this
business. The knowledge is there online available for free and also
through many paid programs, webinars and membership classes for
those who like to study.

     However for those who are either not patient or have no time to
visit webinars and undergo training there are ready made affiliate
marketing systems they can use. These systems are relatively easy to
follow and are tested and working. They are pretty straightforward
and can be set up in very short time.   One of the best such affiliate marketing systems is 12 minute
Affiliate by Devon Brown an well known figure in internet marketing

     This system provides it's members with the tried and tested
sales funnel they can use themselves to start their own online
business. Members can start their affiliate marketing business by
promoting products from 3 highly profitable niches: make money from
home, weight loss and personal development.

     The beauty of this system is that everything is predesigned for the
members. They have ready made landing pages and emails and all they
need o do is to customize them and their affiliate link.

There is also a selection of products they can promote and
earn commission from them. Members also learn how to use
autoresponder and build their client list. Next in line is website traffic and how to drive traffic to
the products they promote and start making sales. 

     Like we said
earlier, if the product cost is $100 and the commission is 20% then
for every sell the marketers make $20. How about if you make 100 or
200 sales a day. With internet it is possible to reach thousands upon
thousands of potential customers so do the math and you'll see the
real potential of affiliate marketing.