The Importance Of Follow Through For Freelancers

One of the best strategies that is employed by companies is follow through on their sales and services. This strategy works great for big companies and online freelancers working at home alike. By following through on your services you will be able to land more freelance jobs with less effort. The reason for this is the old maxim that is to convince a satisfied former customer than find a new one.

One of the challenges of being freelancer and making money online at home is finding freelance jobs for the next day or the next week. If you have worked for clients and they were satisfied with our work you will have lot less trouble convincing them to hire you again than you would trying to convince a new client to do the same.

How can freelancers follow through on their work?

Follow through can be an important part of the marketing strategy of the freelance professionals, but the problem is that many freelancers don’t do it properly which causes them on missing many satisfied clients. The mistake they do is when they get hired they put hard work and do a great job, and after submitting their work to their clients they do nothing else but waiting the clients to call them back.

The proper course of action will be for them to contact their clients by sending an email after a couple of days and asking about  the work they have done and saying thanks for hiring them.  After the first letter, after a few weeks you should send a second letter again asking about the work they have done for them. If you are a freelance logo designer or freelance web designer ask what do their customers  think about their new logo or website design.

Why follow through is great marketing strategy?

Follow through is great because you will find more gigs with less effort. Your  former satisfied clients are much easier to convince to hire you again that finding a new one and convincing them that they should hire you from thousands freelancers that are available for them to choose from. This is particularly true for new freelancers that have not yet established their reputation and build their brand.

Why does follow through work?

The reason why follow through works is because clients like when you ask them about their opinion and the fact that you care about their level of satisfaction from the job you did for them. When you are nice to them they feel that they need to be equally nice to you. They can show their appreciation for your attention and follow through by hiring you do another job for them. It can happen that even if they were not completely satisfied with your previous work to hire you once again and explaining you what you did wrong last time and what you need to improve.