Tips To Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense is one of the best and most profitable method to monetize  blogs. Thousands of bloggers use Adsense ad network to monetize their blogs an many of them are making a substantial amount of money this way.  Many bloggers like Adsense because it’s easy to implement and because and use and because Google has a huge base and advertisers and has relevant ads that match blog content for almost any website.

On the other there are many beginner bloggers that struggle to make sigficant money using adsense although there is a traffic coming to their site. The reasons for this can be :

  • Low click through rate (CTR) which means that very little people click on ads and therefore no or little earnings.

  • Low CPC (cost per click) which means the earnings per click are low.

If you want to start making money with Adsense and maximize your Adsense earnings here are some tips to help you optimize your blog for better  Adsense  earnings:

  1. Research your keywords. You need to research for high paying keywords that are relevant to the content of your blog and optimize your blog content by increasing keyword density using high paying keywords. Excellent tool to help you do this is Google Keyword tool.  By optimizing your blog content for high paying keywords you will have move high paying ads on your site and by increasing the keyword density your blog will rank high in the search engines and bring in more visitor and consequently more Adsense earnings

  2. Place ad formats that perform better. Some Adsense ad formats perform better than others. The best performing ad formats are considered to be : Box 250 x 250,  large rectangle 336 x 280, medium rectangle 300 x 250, wide skyscraper 160 x 600.  The Google Adsense terms say you can put there ad units on a page.

  3. Customize the colors to blend the ads into background. Another thing that helps increase click through is to customize the ads by using the colors that already exist on your blog. Changing the background color or the ads to match the color of the background, use same color for the text that is same as the color of the text on your website and use same color for links  in the ads as the color of links on your blog. By customizing the ads this way has shown to increase the click through.

  4. Place ads below the navigation bar and  between the content. By placing your ads this way has shown that they have higher click through rate than placing them in the side bars or above the footer.

  5. Block irrelevant ads. You can use the Allow and block ads feature from your Adsense account to block irrelevant and low paying ads from appearing on your blog.

  6. Place search box on your blog. You can maximize your Adsense earnings with a search box on your blog.This way you are making money when someone uses the search box.

Google Adsense is preferred method for making money online with a blog for many bloggers. There are also webmasters who are building a network of niche websites for a sole purpose to make money with Adsense. Once you place ads on yourblog experiment with the positioning and format to maximize your revenue.