Tips On Choosing A Domain Name For Your Blog

Blogs are one of the best ways for freelance writers to start making money online. They are great place for them to monetize their passion. Unlike other options for making money online that are available to them, the blogs take time to start bringing in profit.

The most important thing for a blog to start earning money for their owners is the traffic or the number of visitors that come to their site. If there are no people visiting a blog is just like it does not exist. For a blog to have a decent traffic one of the important things is his domain name. A good domain name can contribute greatly to search engine rankings of a blog.

Another thing why picking a  good domain for your blog is the reason that domain name stays with the blog for life, and once you pick it, it will be with your blog as long as the  the blog exists. You can change domain and web hosting company but not the domain name.

So question is how to pick a good domain name for your blog. Here are some guidelines that can help you:

  1. Use keywords in your domain name. Keywords are words that best describe your site. Visitors should know what is your site about only by reading the domain name. It’s a mistake if you choose a keyword for your domain name if it’s from another topic. If your domain blog is about cooking than it will be a mistake to pick a domain name like or .

  2. Shorter names are better. Generally it’s considered that shorter names are better than the longer ones. One word domain names are easier to remember that two, three or four words domain names and helps to increase the number of visitors to your blog. People simply don’t like to type long domain names and longer names are more easily to mistype.

  3. Choose a domain name with .com suffix(extension). You can buy a domain name with a number of suffixes, .net, .org, .us, .eu, .tv  etc. The best solution would be to pick a domain name with a .com suffix, but if all the good .com domain names are not available then you can pick .net domain name.

  4. Use hyphens in your domain name if the names you like are taken. If the domain names for your blog are taken, maybe you should consider using hyphens in the domain name. If the name you want for your blog "" is taken, consider buying alternative name ""

Picking a good domain name for your blog is not an easy task. Many bloggers know what they want to blog about but when they go to buy their domain names they realize that all the good names are already take. That’s why picking a domain name for your blog is a task that requires lots of creativity. Domain name is one of the things that can make or break  your blog, but if all the good names are taken then settle for domain names that would be your second or third choose. It’s better to have a blog wit second best domain name than not having a blog at all. Domain names are important but there are also other important things that can turn a blog into success like original and fresh content and good on page and off page SEO.