5 Websites Where You Can Create A Blog For Free

There are millions of blogs online today and this number is constantly increasing. Millions of people blog just about everything you can think off : cooking, sports, travel, technology, poetry, online business etc. Creating a blog today is not a complicated or expensive thing to do. Blogs are easy to set up, with just a few clicks using platforms, and you can create a blog for free or your own self hosted for a price of a domain name and web hosting.

For all new bloggers and freelance writers that don’t know what a blog is the best way to get started in blogging is to create a blog using one of the free blogging platforms. Here are some free blogging platforms you can use to start your first blog for free:

Wordpress is free blogging platforms that you can use to open our own free blog or self hosted blog. Wordpress is easy to use and is highly customizable by installing many available plugins and add-ons and themes you can find online for free. This is the reason why is the most popular blogging platform. To create your own free blog go to wordpress.com. All you will need is an email address, username password and a domain name for your blog which will look like this : yoursite.wordpress.com

Blogger is a free blogging   platform owned  by Google. You can connect all your Google accounts in one and log into your Gmail, Youtube and Blogger account with a same username and password. Blogger is very easy to use and you can set up your own domain like this yourdomain.blogspot.com and start publishing in minutes. You can choose many themes for  your blog and customize even further by changing background, theme colors and layout. Blogger also offers many ways for you to start making money with a blog by placing Adsense ads and Amazon banners on your free blog.

Weebly is another great free blogging platform. Weebly offer many options for customizing and has simple drag and drop interface. You can include image galleries or other media files on your blog and start making money with adsense ads or selling your own or other peoples stuff. You earn 50 % revenue sharing from Adsense ads and your earnings are paid by Google.

Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform hosting over 100 million blogs. It’s good if don’t want to write long posts and you can monetize your blog by place ads from Adsense, Amazon Associates,  Adbrite or other networks.

DevHub is a place where you can build free business website or a blog. It’s easy to set up and you can start making money by displaying ads and promoting products from many companies like Amazon.com, Shopping.com, Clickbank.com and others. You can also integrate your DevHub blog with like Facebook and post messages directly from DevHub editor.

Those are some of the best free blogging platforms. If you wish to start blogging you can signup in any of them in minutes and start publishing your posts immediately.