Introduction To Making Money Online Writing Forum Posts

Forum posting is a legitimate opportunity for making money online for free without investment.  Forum posting is also very fun and easy way to make money because you get paid to share your opinion on topics that interest you and connect with similar minded people.  Aside from earning potential by posting on forums website owners and bloggers can create backlinks to their website which will increase the page rank of their site and drive traffic to their blog. Because of this forum posting is one of the best  methods for off page search engine optimization.

Making money by posting on forums is one of the easiest way to make money online.  This is true compared to other methods you can make money online without investment like writing for revenue sharing websites or writing for content mills, because it’s much easier to write several sentences that writing a whole article of 300 words and over.  Although forum posting pays a few cents per post, if you work hard the sum you will make can add up over time.

Why paid forum posting works?

Being paid tom post on forums is legitimate online money making opportunity because there are employers who are prepared to pay someone to post on forums.  Online forums are places where many people from around the world go to share their opinions and ideas with people with similar interests. Some of the forums have a high page rank and many visitors and members who visit it very frequently. Because of this website and blog owners are prepared to pay for someone to post on forums that are of similar niche to the topic of their blog. With every post the they are allowed to include a signature which can include a link their blog which will bring them visitors and higher page rank. Website and blog owners are ready to pay for every live post on relevant forum which as a link linking back to their blog.

Other potential clients are internet forum owners which have just started their forums and want to get people to come to their forum and increase the activity and add more content to their blog. By paying forum members to make many quality, interesting and informative  posts on the topic they will create a content for the forum which will help to rank better in the search engines and drive targeted visitors and start making revenue for the owners.

How much money do forum posters make?

There are many things that determine how much money someone can make by posting on forums. Things like the number of words in the post is one of the most important factors that determine how much they earn. Posts with more words are usually paid more, but you can expect to earn from 1 to few cents per posts depending on your employer. You can find forum posting jobs on freelance websites, forum posting jobs websites or joining a forums that pay their members for posting. You can receive your payment through PayPal but also other payment methods like Payza(Alertpay)Moneybookers and other once you reach minimum payment amount. If you want to make money online without investment consider become a paid forum poster.