Start Making Money With Your Blog Using Adsense

Having your own blog is fun but being a blogger also can be profitable. There are many ways to start making money online with your blog provided your blog has significant number of visitors. Of all the monetization options available to you, one of the easiest and according to some blog owners the most profitable is Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is online advertising network owned by Google that serves ads on the websites or blogs of their publishers.  The ads that appear on Adsense network are paid  by advertisers on Adwords, another service run by Google. If someone wisher to have his ads appear on adsense network should open an account on Google Adwords and buy advertisement.

The publishers make money on a per click basis, which means that every time a visitor clicks on ad on their blog they make money. The amount of money depends on the amount that advertiser are biding  for keyword. Every time an ad is clicked the advertiser are charged certain amount of money which is then divided between the publishers and Google.

To start making money with your blog using adsense, is fairly easy. You will need to sign up for  an account, something you can do for free by going to their site, and after your account is approved you can start displaying ads on your blog or website.

To start displaying ads on your blog you need to provide space where the ads will appear. You can display ads almost anywhere, in the header or footer, above the blog posts or below the blog post and in the side bars. There are many ad sizes available Leaderboard 729 x 80, Banner 250 x 250, Medium Rectangle 300 x 250, Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 are among the most used. The ads displayed will be text ads or graphical banners. You can also customize the look of the ads that appear on your blog by choosing the color of the text, background and border to look better in the overall page design

The ads that are displayed will be from the same niche that you write about on you blog. If lets say your blog is about travel the ads will be about travel, if you write about pets the ads will also be about pets. This is one of the great advantages of having adsense ads on your blog. By having relevant ads you help  your readers find ads about something that they may be interested in, which increase the chances of them clicking on an ad and making you money.

Monetizing your blog with adsense is very easy because you don’t have to worry about finding advertisers  and  collecting payments. There are millions of advertisers  that run their advertising campaign through adsense network  and all the billing is handled for you, so all that you  have to do I have fun blogging, show ads on your blog receive payments.