How to start Making Money for FREE

You might have reached this post because you are fed up with all the lies and money making scams online. You have been looking for job ideas and you want to learn no charge ways to make money but every where you turn there is a “system” that requires you to pay money upfront. When you do pay the fee, you find out it is just like the last make easy money scam you purchased.

For instance, stuffing envelopes from home would fall into this scam category. Maybe you have avoided paying anything so far and if so, good for you. You are ahead of the game because most other people start out by being scammed a couple of times.Many of these scams involve selling you “turnkey websites”. The word “turnkey” is one of the best advertising gimicky words ever created for scamers to take your money. Who wouldn’t like a website where all you have to do is turn a key and have money flow out of it? It sounds like one of the best all time ways to make money, doesn’t it? The problem is that there is no such thing no matter what anyone tells you. A turnkey website is just a website that has been put together for you. It is not magical and not special in any way and it won’t make you a dime unless you know how to drive traffic to it.

Many of these guru’s ”programs” and “systems” invlove giving you one of these turnkey websites and then hoping you will believe you are going to make easy money.So, lets assume you paid $97.99 or some other high price and you now have yourself a turnkey website. So what? There are hundreds of millions of websites out there on the Internet. Is your new website any different or better than all the others? No! Your website that you got from the “guru” with the fantastic claims of fast money will be getting zero visitors and making zero dollars.

Do you know how to get targeted traffic to that site so that it will make sales? Will the guru who you just paid that $97.99 to for this next to worthless site tell you? The only thing he might tell you is to go spend more money on Pay Per Click to get traffic. That is a mistake you don’t want to make and you may lose your shirt trying that.The end result is that you are left with your website that no one knows about and makes you nothing and you still have to pay $4.95 or $9.95 per month to keep it up with hosting. You have no clue how to get visitors to your site who will buy, the guru has gone on to scam others and won’t help you, and eventually you just give up. You are still no closer to finding any good ways to make money online. Sound familiar?

**Make Money Risk Free - Can It be done?

Now, you were probably searching for something like “how to make money without money” or “how to make money with no risk” or “ways to make easy money” ‘ways to make money in a recession” or even “free ways to make money online”. The result is that you found this post. You probably have been trying to figure out if there are any totally risk free ways to make money where you don’t have to pay anything up front. No investment, no charge, no credit card payment, totally free, with no possibility of being scammed.Even if you fail, you won’t be out a dime because they are free ways to make money. Sound about right?

Actually there are some free methods to make money on the Internet and they are how I got started. Now, none of these methods are going to make you rich or provide you even a part time job. They are just going to be stepping stones to getting you started making some free money online. Right now you might not think that is even possible depending on whether you have been scammed before and/or how much you have lost. I think the best course of action is to get that first payment, no matter how small, and then try to figure out how to make it bigger the next time. Remember, these are just the first steps to making money online.

Hopefully once you start making a little moeny then you can afford to reinvest that money and pay for a website or blog like this one and learn other ways to make more money on the Internet. I do want you to know, however, that if you ever want to make any decent money online (say maybe $200 a month and up), you are eventually going to have to spend some money. But that is OK if you have already made that money and are willing to reinvest it.

**The First Steps To Making Free Money Online

Your first step is to sign up to places that will never ask you for any payment or credit card. CashCrate is one of the first places I ever made money at and now I make $200 to $300 per month and I have never paid them a cent to join or participate. They pay me every month and it is money I can rely on. Please read my in-depth Cash Crate Review and see the quick video of one of my checks as proof. You won’t be making $200 at first but this is a good place to start for anyone over 13 years old. This is one of the great ways for teens to make money and start learning.

You never want to do just one thing to make money on the Internet because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. CahsCrate is only one of many ways I make money and there are other similar sites like it. You might also sign up for Inbox Dollars and when you do they will start you out with $5.00 already in your account. They are a little different than CashCrate but you can make some free money there as well. Again, you want to spread yourself out and make as much as you can at each site. You might also like one or the other better or have more luck with one.

1) Inbox Dollars

2) CashCrate
**Your Next Steps To Making More Money Online
I will assume that you can make at least $40.00 from the two sites mentioned above and that will of course depend on how much time you spend. The next site is called Project Payday and it is different from the ones above.Project Payday is more like a work at home job than the other ones but you won’t need a blog or website to participate. It involves incentivized freebie websites and getting paid to try out trial offers from online advertisers. You will need to use a little of the $40.00 you made above but you will get most of it back and eventually more if you learn how to do it.
Project Payday will not be for everyone and you may either love it or hate it. There is work to this but you can realistically earn a couple of hundred dollars a day if you want to put in the effort. I have done a three part Project Payday review which you should read to understand more about the concept behind incentivized freebie websites and how you can make money with them. There are people that love this concept and do very well with it, but they do have to work at it.
**The Sneaky Way To Try Some Make Money Programs
Many of the systems you see so often that are so convincing come with money back guarantees. Now I have never bought anything with the intention of asking for my money back but if the system is total crap, I will ask for and get my money back with no guilt whatsoever. Any product that sells through ClickBank has an automatic 8 week money back guarantee and I have used it a couple of times when the product was not anything close to what the sales pitch said. So, in essence, you can try any product that is sold through ClickBank risk free. If you make money with it you can keep it and if you don’t you can get your money back.
One product that I believe to have some solid money making ideas is No Monkey Business. This is not one system but a variety of ways to make money and you can read my No Monkey Business review if you’d like to learn more. I like it because it contains many different ways you can make money on the Internet and not just one way so there is something in there for everyone. Again, if you get it and don’t think it provides value, (but I think it does) then you can get your money back so it really is risk free.
Another one you might try is not a ClickBank product but this one comes with a 365 day money back guarantee. It is as seen on TV’s Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income and it has been around for over 5 years. Robert Allen has two NY Times best sellers that have sold over 2.5 million copies, over 150,000 people have attended his wealth seminars, and he has accepted challenges by the press and proven that his money making strategies work. You will get an enormous downloadable package of training materials for just $19.95 and you have that 365 day money back guarantee - I would call that risk free. I am certainly not saying to buy it and then ask for your money back but I am saying that this package is really no risk for you to try.
**In Conclusion
You really don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get started earning some extra money online. You can choose to spend money if you have it and many do. Just don’t expect any overnight miracles with heaps of cash flowing in. Some people are successful but most are not because they are impatient, have too high expectations, discover it is too hard and involved, and ultimateley give up. Despite what you might have heard, there is very little easy money online and it takes work. If you want to make money from home and turn it into a work from home job, you have a long road ahead. But it can be done with patience and steady learning and it is possible to get started without any investment. Really it is…I did it!

Lucrative List Building Business – How to Get Organized
Learn how to organize a lucrative list building business. A lucrative list building effort is a wonderful way to make your online business easier. Also, a lucrative list building business is a wonderful way to grow your online business in leaps and bounds, by creating a hungry base of individuals to whom you can mail offers and promotions.
So how do you use a lucrative list building business to make your online business easier and to grow your online business with ease?I have put together a list of some detailed new steps to help you to make your online business easier with a lucrative list building business.
Experiment with some incredible new ways to help you to make your online business easier with a lucrative list building business:
- to make your online business easier with a lucrative list building business, begin first by building a list of subscribers who have an interest in your niche market.
- to make your online business easier with a lucrative list building business, cultivate the list by mailing them regularly, and always sending them high value.
- to make your online business easier with a lucrative list building business, take steps to automate everything that you do. Anything you automate allows you the freedom to work once and get paid multiple times.
- to make your online business easier with a lucrative list building business, develop a network of other marketers with whom you can exchange offers, and grow your list.
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