My experience with earning from PTC sites.

You know PTC sites offer the opportunity to make money online in the easiest and simple way. There are numerous PTC sites in the Internet. A large number of people search in the Internet for a genuine PTC site since no skill required working with PTC sites. The terms PTC means Paid to Click. Paid to read mail is almost similar to PTC. Joining PTC is completely free. It is an online earning scheme without any investment.
How PTC site works:
Members get paid for clicking on ads or reading mail. Some PTC sites make payment for playing games or completing offers etc. There are two folds earning schemes. Members are paid for visiting websites or ads for a specific time limit and secondly for reefing others to join. Maximum PTC sites pay $0.01 for visiting a website or ad for 30 seconds. If some one joins though a member’s referral, the member will earn for referral visit. In most of the cases members earn 100% for each website your referrals view. Make sure you are log in with your username and passwords before visiting a wbsite and amount credited.
How much you can earn from PTC sites?
Remember it is not a get quick rich program. I am furnishing below an example:If you can collect 10 referrals and visit 10 websites per day you earning per day will be as follows:For visiting 10 websites per day = 10X.01=$0.10From your referrals you will earn=10X10X.01=$1.00Total=(1+.10) = $1.10 per day.You can increase your earning by referring more and more people. Referrals are the main source of earning. So try to collect as many referrals as you can.
How you will get your payment:
Maximum PTC sites may payment through Paypal or Alert pay. It is better to open your Paypal or Alert pay account before joining any PTC sites. Opening with Paypal or Alertpay is completely free. Once you collect the money in your Paypal or Alertpay account you can request for check. They will send payment when your balance accumulated to $10 or more.
Can you name a best PTC site:
Maximum PTC sites are fraud. They are very much reluctant to make payment to their members. Sometimes they unnecessarily delay in payment. So my warning to you before joking any PTC site test it first. Search in Google or yahoo with the words “Name of PTC site- scam”, “Name of PTC site- fraud”, “Name of PTC site- payment”, From the search result you can easily filter the PTC sites.. Frankly speaking my experience with PTC site is very bad. At first I joined a PTC sites named Adbux, next Both of the sites did not pay me. I actually received payment from hits4pay.