Earn Real Money Online: Create A Wordpress Blog

Wordpress is the worlds best blogging platform. Most bloggers choose Wordpress platform for their blogs because of its  many advantages. Wordpress is free to use and can be  highly customized. It allows new bloggers with little or no experience to customize the blog to fit their needs by installing many plugins that add to the functionality and choose from many themes both free and paid that can be found online. You can also find many tutorials and instructions online how to use and customize your wordpress blog. If you decide to use Wordpress for your blog you can create a free blog or a self-hosted blog.

Create a free Wordpress blog

You can choose to create a free Wordpress blog, but you can not place advertisements on a free Wordpress.com blog and make money. Free blogs are good if you are freelance writer and designer and you wish to showcase your skills and reach potential clients or you wish to learn more about using Wordpress before creating your own self hosted blog.

Here are steps to creating a free wordpress blog:

  1. Go to wordpress.com

  2.  Click on Sign Up.

  3. Choose a username.

  4. Choose a password

  5. Choose a domain name. Your domain name will look like this yourdomain.wordpress.com

  6. Click Create Blog.

  7. Customize your blog by choosing theme and start posting.

Create self-hosted Wordpress blog

A self-hosted blog is a blog that you will own completely and you can start making money online with by placing advertisements and affiliate links. To create a self-hosted blog you will need to buy a domain name and web hosting.

Steps to creating a self-hosted wordpress blog:

  1. Buy a domain name for your blog. You should choose domain name that will contain keywords you will be using in your post. There are hundreds registrars from where you can buy a domain name for your wordpress blog. You should however buy a domain name from ICAAN accredited domain registrars. Buying a domain name will cost you around $10 a year

  2. Buy web hosting. Web hosting will cost you few dollars a month. A highly recommend you use web hosting provider which offers cPanel an Softaculous, which makes installation of  your Wordpress blog incredibly easy. Qhoster  is  web hosting company that offers Softaculous and cPanel.

  3. Create your blog. Just log in your cPanel account and install Wordpress on your domain.

  4. Customize your blog. You can customize how your blog looks like by choosing theme and widgets.

  5. Install plugins. One of the great advantage of Wordpress is the large number of plugins you can download and install that will improve the looks and functionality of your blog.

  6. Start writing and posting. Now your blog is online and you can start posting.

If you plan to create your own blog for the purpose of making money online you should consider Wordpress as your first choice. If you are not sure you can go to wordpress.com and create a free blog and see for yourself all the benefits of Wordpress platform before making a decision to start your own blog.  Keep in mind that you can’t place ads on free Wordpress blog.