How To Start Making Money Online With Expertscolumn

Freelance writers are constantly on a look out for new ways to start making money online using their talent and doing something that they love – writing. There are many ways writers can earn money working at home in front of their computer, and one method that is used by many freelance writers is writing for revenue sharing websites. One popular revenue sharing website is ExpertsColumn.

ExpertsColumn is a revenue sharing website that rewards it’s contributors for their work. User write and submit their articles or as they are called columns, and get rewarded depending on the number of views that the content created by them generates.

How to start making money with Expertscolumn?

  1. Open account. To make money first of all you need to open an account which you can do for free. Just go to the site and register. To register you will need a email account and PayPal or Moneybookers account for payments. After you register you will receive a confirmation email from Expertscolumn and after you confirm your email you will become a member.

  2. Start writing columns. After you are a member you need to start writing articles and submit them for review. You can write columns on any topic you like : Arts, Entertainment, Automobiles, Sports, Science, Video Games, Cool Stuff, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Business Education, History, Poetry, Technology, Society etc. The staff reviews every single one of them and if they meet the guidelines and terms of service they will be published. The writing guidelines are posted on the website and include no clumns that promote hatred, violence, gambling or sales of weapons or drugs or tobacco and are in breach of google AdSense Program Policy  and Terms and Conditions and, , columns must be in proper English, columns must be original and written by author. Author can republish his articles that have been published somewhere else but there are certain conditions that must be met. They are some of the  guidelines writers must follow or risk their columns to be removed.

  3. Promote your columns and make money.  Unlike other revenue sharing websites where contributors are paid when someone clicks on an ad , the contributors on Expertscolumn are paid on a per view basis. The amount of money they will make depends on how many times their columns are viewed. Earning are around $1.50 CPM or $1.50 for every thousand views. To get more visitors to your column you must get more exposure by promoting them using social bookmarking, external linking, internal linking, submitting to article directories and writing keyword rich  columns that are optimized for search engines.

  4. Get Paid. Once you written columns and started promoting them visitors will start coming and making money for you in the process. Once you have accumulated a minimum of $5 of earning you can receive payment in your PayPal or Moneybookers account. Because of this if you don’t have a PayPal or Moneybookers account you should open one.

Writing for  Expertscolumn will not make you rich but it can help you start making money online for free and without investment from the content that you have created. There are many other good revenue sharing websites online but   but Experts column has it’s advantage that you don’t need to have an AdSense account to make money. All you need to do is write columns on any subject you like and start promoting them. Another advantage of writing for Expertscolumn is that it pays through Moneybookers which is beneficial to those who are from a country that is not supported by PayPal.