Step By Step Guide To Make Money With Revenue Sharing Websites

If you are a freelance writer, a college student, retired, stay at home mom or simply consider yourself expert in any field whatever it may be: cooking, arts, lifestyle, technology, business, and you have tips and advice you wish to share with the rest of the world you can start creating content for revenue sharing websites and create an internet stream of passive income for you. Great thing about revenue sharing websites is that you need to write content once and it will be making money online for you for years in the future, even while you sleep.

To get started making money online with revenue sharing websites is easy and you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose the site you wish to join. There are large number of revenue sharing websites you can join and make money. There is nothing stopping you to join all of them but for starters choose one you wish to join.

  2. Sign up. Joining is easy and you will need to fill up a sign up form. To join is free and all you will need is an email address.

  3. Start creating content. Once you sign up you will need to start creating content and publishing it. Most revenue sharing websites accept written content, which is best for freelance writers, but there are also sites that accept video content from their contributors. Before the content you created is published it will be reviewed by the site administration. If you content doesn’t meet their guidelines it will be probably be rejected and returned to you so you can make corrections and submit it again. If your content is rejected it will mostly be because has spelling errors, it's too short or if it’ not original.

  4. Open AdSense account. For your contribution you are rewarded with ad impressions being shown on the pages where your articles are published. You make money when visitor click on the ads. The method that most sites use to make money is Google Adsense. To start making money online with revenue sharing websites you will need to open an Adsense account. To have your Adsense account approved you will need to wait a while, and when it’s approved you will need to insert your Adsense publisher ID to your account and start to make money. AdSense is just one method these websites use to make money. There are other networks like Chitika or Amazon and you will also need to open an account with  them.

  5. Open account on other revenue sharing websites. One that you have AdSense account you can use same pub ID on other sites to make money. Join more sites and try to write for all of them. After a while see which one of them are more profitable and focus creating more content for them.