6 Advantages Of Writing For Revenue Sharing Websites

Today internet offers many ways to make money online for writers. Freelance writers can look for freelance writing jobs of freelance websites and also on content writing websites when they can make money for every article they write. Another way freelance writers can start making money online are revenue sharing websites.

Writing for revenue sharing websites is different from freelance jobs found on freelance websites and content writing websites. When you write for revenue sharing websites you don’t get paid predetermined amount of money but you earn a percentage of the ad revenue that is generated from the content that was written by you. This way you earn a passive income for years in the future from your work.

The revenue sharing websites pay around 50% of the revenue to writers who publish their content on them. Because of this many writers are wondering if it is not better to write for your own blog and keep 100% of the revenue. Many would say that is better to be making money online by publishing content you create on  your own blog, but revenue sharing websites have their advantages. Some of them are:

  1. You can focus completely on writing. Running your own blog maybe more profitable  than revenue sharing websites, but making money online with a blog has many things to go along with it than just writing and posting. Although starting your own blog today is much more simplified, there is still work associated with blogs other than creating content and posting it. With these sites all you have to do is write and post your work. After your article is approved goes online and start making money for you for long time in the future.

  2. You can write about anything you like. When you write for a blog you can write articles on certain topic because blogs are about certain defined niche. If you write for a client as a freelance writer you are given a certain topic keywords and number of words the article must have or you wont get paid. When writing for revenue sharing sites you can write about anything you like: food, health, fitness, sports, entertainment, business, technology etc. and publish your work in appropriate categories.

  3. High traffic. If you want to be making money online you will need people to see your work. If no one visits your blog on pages in which your articles are published you don’t get to make money. These type of websites have large number of visitors and are well established, unlike if you are trying to make money with a blog which may require a hard work and time before ranks high and start bringing in decent number of visitors.

  4. Helpful communities. These type of websites have a large communities which enjoy writing on them and want to see their favorite websites and communities grow even more. Because of these they help each other and new members with tips how to write better and earn more from their work.

  5. Free to join. You don’t need to pay anything to join and start writing for revenue sharing websites.

  6. Link building. Some of them allow inserting links in your articles and in your signature, including dofollow links. If you own a blog or website you can build backlinks to them and increase their page rank and traffic