How To Make Money With A Blog – Step By Step Guide

Blogs are very popular today. They are a great way to express your opinion to the whole world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bloggers start their blogs to share their experience about things that interest them, something they are passionate about and giving their own opinion about various things.

In addition to being fun and informative blogs are also great for making money online.  There are many blogs making more or less money, some of them are even making millions of dollars, and others only a few dollars every month. You can learn how some of the worlds top bloggers are making lots of money from their blogs if you join this private community. If you are serious about starting your own  money making blog that will be making you a full time or part time income, if you are prepared to dedicate the necessary work. You will also need to be patient and work very hard in the beginning without actually  earning significant money  from your blog.

To star making money blogging you will need to do following things:

  1. Decide the niche of your blog. Before you start you must decide the niche of your blog or the thing you will be writing about. You can write about anything you like you want, but you should choose a topic you are passionate  and know a lot about. If you choose a niche you are not too familiar with you might  run out of ideas and not know what to write about after some time.

  2.  Start your blog. Once you have decided about what you will write about it’s time to start your blog. You can start your own self-hosted blog which will require a small investment for web hosting and domain name. It will cost you about $10 per year for domain name and few dollars per month for web hosting.  If you are beginner and want to get a feel for blogging you can start a free blog on a free blogging platform like You can open a blog completely free but free blogging platforms have many limitations compared to self-hosted blogs.

  3. Submit blog posts regularly. Every blog needs a content and you need to write regularly. If you cant write or don’t have time you can find many free articles on article directories like EzineArticles or hire a freelance  writer to write original blog posts for you. You can find many blog writing services if you search online.

  4. Promote your blog to drive traffic. A blog without people seeing it is not going to be making money so it’s important to promote it so you can drive traffic you can later monetize. Here are many techniques you can promote your blog: comment on other blogs, Submit articles to article directories,  use social networking services like Facebook, Upload videos to YouTube and include your blog address.

  5. Monetize your blog. Once you have an established blog with a targeted traffic you can start making money with your blog by:

  • Displaying ads. You are paid by impression or every time a visitor clicks on an ad

  • Selling affiliate products. Join one or more and start promoting products your visitors will be interested in buying. Every time when someone coming from your site buy something you earn a commission, usually a percentage of the price.

  • Sell your own information product. You can write a book your visitors will be interested in buying and start promoting it on your blog.

  • Promote your services. If you are a freelance writer or freelance designer or you have any skill and knowledge you can use your blog to reach potential customers.

  • Ask for a donation from the people reading your blog.

  • Paid posting. You can join one pay per post services like Social Spark,   PayU2Blog,     PayPerPost    and let advertiser pay you to write blog posts.

Those are steps to making money online with a blog. If you are not sure if this right for you, then you should first open a free blog before starting your own self hosted blog. You too could be making serious money from your blog if you know how.. You can find lots of good information on this subject available here.