Free Ways To Promote Your Blog

Blog promotion is a crucial piece of the puzzle in the success of every blog. People create blogs for various reasons, some do it to make money with a blog, others to have fun and share their ideas with the rest of the world, to promote a product or service they offer and reach potential clients are among most important reasons why people create their own blog in the first place. There a many blogs created on internet every day but not many of them become successful and succeed in attracting a decent number of visitors every day.

Whatever is your purpose for blogging, making money or sharing your ideas the most important thing for the success of a blog is having great content and lots of it, but another very important factor in driving traffic to your blog is effective blog promotion. There are many ways  bloggers can promote their blog:

  1. Use pinging services. Whenever you publish new blog post you should go to Pingomatic  and ping your blog. Pinging is notifying search engines that new content has been added to your blog.

  2. Use Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter and Facebook are great way to promote your blog because there are millions of people using them every day. When you make a new post you should tweet it and share on Facebook and provide a link to it. Both Twitter and Facebook are good for promotion but there are differences between them. On twitter you can post a link to your blog post and on Facebook you can also post a photo from your blog along with the description and link to posts.

  3. Write guest posts. Another great way to promote your blog and drive more traffic is by guest posting on other blogs. Many establish blogs accept guest bloggers which you can use to drive visitors to your blog. Find blogs that are on similar topic as your blog and offer to write a guest post. If you write a guest post on someone else’s blog you will be allowed to place a link to your blog which will help in increasing the number of visitors to your blog.

  4. Commenting on other blogs. One of the major reasons why blogs are popular is because they allow the readers to comment on the posts and give their opinion and share their experience on the topic discussed in the post. You can search for blogs that are of similar topic like your blog and leave your comments on the posts.  With your comment you can leave a link to your blog and if the blog has CommentLuv you can link back to individual posts. When commenting on blogs make sure you write useful comment and don’t just spam for the sake of linking back to your blog, because blog admin may delete your comment.