Why You Should Use Adsense For Making Money with Your Blog

Google Adsense is excellent and easy method used to monetize websites and blogs by many webmasters and publishers. Making money with Adsense starts right after you sign up for  a free account. After that all you have to do is select the format of the ads you wish to be displayed on your website and insert a program code on your website. When you insert the code on your website ads start to appear on your blog and when someone clicks on them you make money. The money for the clicks comes from advertisers that pay for potential clients to come to their sites. The money that was paid by the advertisers is then divided between you and Google who runs the Adsense network. All the tracking, billing and payments are done by Google, so everything you need to do is start publishing ads on your blog.

The reason why Adsense is favorite method for making money with a blog for many bloggers worldwide is because of many advantages and benefits it brings to both the bloggers who publish Adsense ads and the visitors who come to their blogs.

Here is a list of Adsense advantages:

  1. Large number of Advertisers. Google Adsense has a huge base of advertisers from all over the world.  This huge number of advertisers is the reason why Google has ads that match your content  to be displayed on your blog. There are large number of ads for products and service that your visitors may be interested in.

  2. No need to look for advertisers yourself.  Another great benefit to the publishers is that they don’t need to worry about finding advertisers that will be interested in placing ads on their blog. Adsense network does this for you. All you need to do is place the code on your blog and  finding advertisers, billing and payment is handled by Google.  All you have to do is  just receive your payment.

  3. You can choose the ads that appear on your blog. As a publisher you have a benefit of choosing the ad format of the ads that appear on your blog. You can choose Banner, Leaderboard, Rectangle and Skyscraper  ads to be placed on your blog. You can further customize the ads by choosing the color of text, background and the border of the ads to make them fit better in the overall blog design so your blog does not suffer visually when you place ads.

  4. Making money with Adsense without your own website. Although Adsense is a tool used to monetize blogs and websites by their administrators, you can actually make money with Adsense without having your own website. You can do this by joining a revenue sharing websites and start creating and publishing content. There are many revenue sharing websites online that split the Adsense profit they make with their contributors.

  5. The ads that are displayed on your blog are relevant. The ads match the content of your blog and the visitors see ads about products or services that might interest them. This help visitors find something they need without searching online, and helps increase the earnings for the publishers because if the visitors see something they are interested in they are more likely to click on the ad.

Adsense is preferred method for making money online with a blog by many bloggers. Earning potential can be great and there are bloggers making thousands of dollars every day  from their blogs.  Adsense is not a get rich quick scheme. To make significant money you need to work hard in creating original content for your blog and promoting it in order to drive traffic.