How To Start Making Money Online With Listverse

Listverse is website where you can write your article and be  paid upfront if your article is approved. Listverse is a great online money making opportunity for freelance writers and other people who wish to make money online writing articles about things they know and wish to share with the rest of the world.

Listverse accepts articles that are list of top 10 things of anything there is in the world. You can write your top ten list of whatever you want like top ten of movies, top 10 computer games, top 10 novels etc.

For every article that is published on Listverse you will be paid $100. You can receive your payment  in your PayPal account or in your Bitcoin account. Further  more,  if your article is one of the four best that are selected each moth you will be rewarded with another $500 from Listverse on top of the $100 you already received for your article.

How to get started making money online with Listverse?

To get started writing for Listverse is very simple and easy. Just navigate to their submission page , create your list and provide your details and your Paypal or Bitcoin account. You can write and submit your articles to Listverse for review. Your articles should be top 10 list of things you want to write about and should be no less than 1000 words. Your articles must meet certain quality standards to be considered for publishing on Listverse. They must be interesting, well written with proper grammar and proper use of English language. Every item in your top 10 list also must include one or two sources for verification.

Your articles can be on any topic, every contributor can write on any subject they want  as long as they write original content and don’t just steal content that was written by someone else. You can write articles about entertainment, science, technology, sports etc.  Don’t think that you can just copy paste someone else’s work and expect to get paid $100 that. If your article is good then you can expect to be published on Listverse and you can expect $100 deposited in your Paypal or Bitcoin account.

Aside from contributing written content on Listverse  like top 10 list you can also submit a photo list. You can submit high quality images and provide short description of about couple of sentences. Listverse can be good online money making opportunity without investment for freelance writers and other people similar to content mills and revenue sharing websites. If your  top 10 list is accepted you will earn $100 and if it’s rejected you can publish it on revenue sharing websites or offer it to clients on content mills.

Another benefit of writing top 10 lists for Listverse is that you can use your articles to promote your book, blog and you can link your social networking account with your articles published on Listverse.