Make Money Online Listening And Reviewing Music

There are many ways to start making money online. There is also even some fun ways to make money online like playing games. One of the unusual ways to make some extra money online is by listening and writing reviews for music.

The name of the website is SliceThePie and is nice way to make extra money by listening to audio recording of unsigned artists and writing a short review. You don’t need to be a musician or critic to join and write reviews, only a free time to listen to music and write an honest opinion about it. This job is probably a dream come true for some because they are getting paid doing something they love, like to listen music. If you love listening to music or want to make some extra money online or both you can join SliceThePie and start making money in your free time.

Step by step guide to make money reviewing music on SliceThePie.

  1. Sign up for an account. To start reviewing music first of all you need to join SliceThePie. To join all you will need is to go the website fill the deails including a working email. After you submit your application you will receive an email with confirmation link you must click to verify your email.

  2. Log in and start reviewing songs. Once you become a member you can log in to your account and start listening to music. The tracks are from all genres: rap, hip hop, pop etc. You will need to listen to the track for 90 seconds and after that write your review and give your rating to the track ranging from 0 to 10. Your reviews will help the artists improve their tracks and help determine whch songs will be played on radio. There is a limit on how much reviews members can submit in a given time, so if you are thinking on writing couple of words or copy paste reviews to boost the number of  reviews and your earnings think again. Submitting low quality reviews will also affect your earning per review in negative way and you will be paid less. Because of that try to write quality review few sentences long and give your honest opinion about the song.

  3. Get paid. Slicethepie pays using Paypal once you have earned $10. When you register be sure to use your Paypal email.

How much can you earn listening and reviewing music on SliceThePie?

How much money you will make reviewing music depends most or all on your rank. If you write and submit quality reviews your rank will increase and you will earn more money for every review you write. . Your rank is determined by the quality of your reviews. The better your reviews are the more money you will be paid for a review. Since the number of reviews you can write in certain amount of time is limited you should do your best in writing reviews that are at least several sentences and original.

Slicethepie is great way to earn som extra money online if you love listening to music and have free time. A few hours here and there of your free time dedicated to listening to music and writing reviews will help you make some extra money. You will receive your earnings in your Paypal account.