How To Use Keyword Planner To Optimize Your Blog Posts For Search Engines

Using proper keywords when writing blog posts is one of the most important things connected to optimizing your blog content for search engines. Keyword optimized content will rank high in the search engines and brink floods of traffic to your blog in the future.

Luckily for bloggers there are many tools that can help them find the best keywords they can use in writing their blog posts. There are a number of paid as well as free keyword research tools they can use to find words and phrases that people search for using the search engines. One of the best keyword research tools which is also free to use is Keyword Planner by Google.

Keyword planner unlike the previous keyword research tool from Google requires users to sign in to their Google account to be able to use it.The first option present in Keyword Planner is Searching for keywords and ad group ideas.  User can enter any keyword they want to search and then target to specific location, from country and state all the way to city level. User will see two tabs when they click on Get ideas Ad Group Ideas and Keyword Ideas. Keyword Ideas tab is for those users who are searching for related keywords to use for example in creating blog content. Users can also see the average monthly searches for twelve months in a given location. Users can then download a list of the keywords generated by keyword planner in a .csv file format they can later open using MS Excell. To download .csv file of keywords all users need to do is click on an Download button. Ad Group Ideas help users find keywords that will be of use to them if they plan of running Adwords campaign for their website.

Second option available to Keyword Planner users is Enter or Upload Keywords to see how they perform. The second option helps analyzing performance of a list of keywords by entering keywords by typing or uploading them by .csv files you can create with MS Excell. Keyword planner can help bloggers get statistics and information about competition for the keywords then plan to use and unlike the previous option, this option allows users to analyze multiple keywords simultaneously.

Third option available that Keyword Planner offers to users is multiple keywords list. This option helps bloggers to use keywords from two separate list and combine them to generate keywords they can use in their posts. Users can enter keywords in the lists by typing one in each line or separate them with commas. Users can analyze keywords and get traffic estimate.

Keyword planner is a great free keyword research tool bloggers can use to find relavant keyword they can use to optimize their content for search engine which will help them drive more targeted traffic from search engines. Because this tool allows users to find out historical statistics for a certain location can help them in optimizing their content to get more visitors from desired  locations. There are many features available to them but most like not all of them will be used by bloggers.