Ad Management Plugins For WordPress Blogs

Many blogs and websites online earn money online for their owners using one or more monetization methods. The prevalent model for making money with a blog are advertisements.Revenue generated by paid advertisements is the main source of income for millions of blogs on internet.

Bloggers monetize their blogs with advertisements using several models of paid ads like per-per-click, pay per impression, selling advertising spot for fixed amount of money. Each of this advertising models have it’s advantages and shortcomings. Pay per click ads generate revenue every time someone clicks on them, Pay per impression generate revenue based on number of impressions regardless how many times visitor click on ads and because of that they are best for websites that have lots of visitors.  Blog owners can also make money by selling ad spots on their blogs for a certain amount of time for a fixed amount of money regardless if someone clicks on them or the number of impressions.

However implementing paid advertisements in your blog and maximizing your earnings  will require work and testing to find the most profitable solution. This is more obvious if you are selling your ads yourself and not selling your ad space through ad networks. However for all bloggers that use blog platform there are a number of plugins available that can make this much easier for them.

Here are some plugins that can help blog owns in managing advertisements:

OIO Publisher is one of the best ad management plugin is for Wordpress blogs. OIO Publisher is a powerful tools which allows blog owners to create ad zones of different types and sizes. This plugin also allows targeting, rotating ads from different networks, choosing the number of ads to be displayed in an ad zone. OIO Publisher has also implemented  tracking and reporting along with other features. OIO Publisher is great ad management plugin that helps blog owners to sell advertisement themselves and eliminate the necessity to share their profit without ad network.

AdSanity is another wordpress plugin for managing ads made with simplicity and easy of use in mind. AdSanity allows blog owners  to display ads in posts and in sidebars. Blog owners can display ads that will run for a specific time or run until they are removed. AdSanity also helps blogs owners to keep track on number of impressions and clicks.

Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is ad serving and ad selling platform powered by Google. DFP helps blog owners to sell ad spot to the highest paying advertiser from Adsense or other advertising networks. This way DFP will automatically display ads from the highest paying advertiser first and that way maximize earnings for the publisher. DFP also have tools for measuring performance  of individual ads and generate reports.

AdRotate is an ad management plugin for Wordpress blogs which comes in two versions free also called basic and paid or as it’s called pro version. The free version is good solution for running ads on Wordpress blog but pro version has more advantages over the basic version. Blog owners can create ad groups to help them in manging ads on their blog. AdRotate also has reporting tools that help tracking the perormances of individual ads.

AdKingPro is another powerful ad management plugin for Wordpress blogs that help display ads on any page into posts and rotate ads and display random ads every time a page is refreshed. User can define which ads will be displayed on a given spot. AdKingPro also keeps daily weekly and monthly stats.

AdInjection helps blog owners inject ad in the content of their blog. User can inject any kind of advertisements from networks like Google Adsense, Amazon associates and other networks. Ads can be configured  to appear in the bottom, top, random positions in post or in any widget area. Blog owner also have option for split testing, and rotation and to restrict by IP and referrer.

These are some of the ad management plugins available for Wordpress powerd blog. You can find more on