Use RSS To Promote Your Blog

RSS  stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a great way to promote your blog and drive traffic to you blog by publishing and distributing syndicated content online. RSS is used by many bloggers and business and if you do not use RSS feed for blog promotion you are missing out on a great method for blog promotion.

The reason why RSS promotion is easy is because all is done automatically  for you once you build a feed and distribute it.

Here is a step by step process how to promote your blog and drive traffic sing RSS feed.

1. Create a RSS feed of your blog

First step in the process is to build a RSS feed of your blog. There are many tools you can use to do this for free and very easily. You can use FeedBurner which is service owned by Google. If you have a Google account you can log in.

2. Display an icon on your blog so your visitors can know there is  a RSS fed available

Once your blog has a RSS feed you need to let your visitors know there is a RSS feed available. You can place icons on your blog on one or more places. They are usually orange rectangles but there are also many other icons available. You can choose an icon that matches the colors and theme of your website

3. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories

After you have created your RSS feed you need to distribute it to RSS directories and search engines. To submit your RSS feed to RSS directories can be done manually. All you have to do is submit the urls of your RSS feed to the directories and you are done.

RSS marketing can be a very powerful method to promote your blog content. Building your RSS feed is easy and there are many directories online where you can submit your RSS feed. By submitting your RSS feed to directories and search engines you will promote your blog by making it available to anyone on internet to post your feed on their site.

Imagine what wil it mean for your blog or website if several other bloggers place your RSS feed on your blog where their visitors can see them. What would that mean for the promotion of your blog? How about if dozens and hundreds of bloggers take your RSS feed and post them on you blog.

The main advantage of RSS feeds is that they are updated automatically when you publish new content on your blog and you don't need to resubmit your RSS feed every time there is new blog post.