Making Money Online Publishing Articles On Seekyt

Revenue sharing websites are one of the best online money making opportunity for freelance writers to start making money online for free and without investment. Success does not come easy but if you are prepared to work hard and have patience it is possible that over time you will build a steady stream of passive income online.

Once you write and publish your articles they will be live and making money for you from advertisements placed on the same webpages as your articles. The main challenge is writing informative and original articles that arealso optimized for search engines. There are many revenue sharing websites online. One of them is Seekyt.

How to become contributor on Seekyt?

Becoming a Seekyt contributor is easy. What you will need is a valid email address and you can sign up for free and start publishing your articles and making money online for a long time in the future. To become a contributor go Seekyt and click on the “Sign Up” button. After that you will need to enter a username, valid email and password. Once you finished click on register. After that you will receive confirmation email and once click on the confirmation link you are a member of Seekyt community and can start making money for free.

How do freelance make money on Seekyt?

Freelance writers make money on Seekyt by writing articles and publishing them on Seekyt and earning percentage of the advertising revenue. Writers from all over the word are welcome to write on Seekyt, but their articles must meet certain quality standards. Only 100% original and grammatically correct articles will be approved. Writers can write anything they like: tutorials, guides, reviews, but they must be compliant with AdSense terms of service.

Freelance writers can monetize their work using Google AdSense, Amazon Associate and Chitika. To use either of this methods you will need to open an account on all of them.

Google AdSense is preferred choice for most writers on Seekyt but if you don’t have an AdSense account you can select to make money with Chitika. You can later at any time switch between AdSense and Chitika. Along with AdSense and Chitika you can also start making money selling products from Amazon if you open account on Amazon Associates. Your share of advertising profit can go as high as 99% depending on how many articles or comments have you published, an how many followers you have and the number of members that you referred.

Seekyt is a legitimate revenue sharing website which can help freelance writers to  start making money online doing something that they love. They ca do it completely free and without investment. How much money they will earn depends on how much work and time they are ready to dedicate contributing n Seekyt. If you are prepared to work hard.