How To Start Making Money With Squidoo

Squidoo is one of the best revenue sharing websites on internet. Freelance writers and anyone who has ideas tips and tricks can write article, called lenses and start making money from them. Making money with Squidoo is similar to other revenue sharing websites. You need to create content, promote it and monetize it by placing ads and affiliate links on your pages/lenses.

To get started you first must join Squidoo. You can join for free, all you need to do is go to  the Squidoo website and click on Join us.  To join you need an email address,  choose your  username and a password. After you confirm your address you will be a member and you can start creating your first lens.

Creating your lens is easy, to get started you will need an idea what you want to write about. You can write on just about any topic: Art, design, cooking, hobbies, entertainment, fashion, internet, computer games, movies, travel, science. What you want to write about is completely up to you. If there is something you know or you have experience with you can write about it by creating a lens that will focus and provide in depth information about it. You can also include photos in your lens to make it look better  and help  explain what your lens is about. The most important thing when it comes to creating lenses is to write informative article that will keep visitor attention and give them answers to some questions they have and help them find solutions to certain problems.

After you create your first lens you have several ways available to start making money with it. One of the ways is to place ads on your lenses. Google Adsense is one of the ways you can use to earn with your lenses.

You can place modules on your lenses. You can place Amazon, Ebay, iTunes, Cafepress modules on your lens and earn commission when someone purchases something. Good thing about making money with modules on Squidoo is that you don’t need to become a member of these networks but simply place them on your lens and earn 50% of commission’s, 5% commission goes to charity and 45% keeps Squidoo.

Another way to start making money with Squidoo is by selling your products. Many Squidoo contributors called lensmasters create lenses to promote their products or designs from Etsy, Lulu or Zazzle. Lensmasters can also join Affliate networks like Amazon, Linkshare, Share -a-sale CommisionJunction, AllPosters or other networks  and display links on their lens. If you place your own affiliate links on your lenses you will need to become a member of each network but you will keep all commission earned from your lenses, unlike when  placing modules when you keep 50% of the commissions.

Squidoo is great way to start making money online for free and without any investment. You can earn with advertisement and selling affiliate products without owning your own domain and website. You don’t need to be experienced freelance writer to be successful on Squidoo, all you need is to have an idea something to write about and share it with the rest of the world.