Step By Step Guide On Making Money Online With Hubpages

There are many ways that people are making money online. Many of them make money for free and without investment. If you love to write and wish to share your experience and ideas with people you can start making money online writing and publishing articles on a revenue sharing website called Hubpages.

Many people think that in order to make money online someone needs to have it’s own website and product to sell to clients. But this is not true. One of the best ways to earn online without investment is contributing to revenue sharing websites and one of the best revenue sharing websites is Hubpages.

How to start making money with Hubpages?

There are certain steps to make to start earning with Hubpages:

  1. Open a Hubpages Account. Opening account on Hubpages is free and all you need is to choose a username, which will also be name of the sub domain  and password and provide a valid email address.  You should also read and agree to Hubpages Terms of use.

  2. Start creating content and publishing it on Hubpages. Once you become a member you can start writing article called “hubs” and publishing them on Hubpages. You can write about anything you like. You can write about health, lifestyle, business, technology, computers, art, design etc. Your hubs should be informative, useful and provide in depth information in order to rank well in search engines and attract many visitors which will generate profit for you.  You must also know how to do proper keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Tool and write quality articles that are both easy to read for people and optimized for search engines. It’s also advised that long posts of 1150 words and more, as well as including images and videos in your posts will help improve their rankings.

  3. Promote your hubs to drive traffic and increase your earnings. The best way to promote your hubs is using popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+  or Pinterest. Social media are great way to find people that would be interested in reading your hubs.

  4. Start making money from your hubs. Once you have created and published hubs you can start earning by displaying ads from  Google AdSense network or placing affiliate links from Amazon an Ebay. If you already have an AdSense account you only need to associate your AdSense account with Hubpages and 60% of the time when someone visits your hubs they will see your ads and when they click on them you will make money, 40% of the time Hubpages displays their ads. If you don’t have an AdSense account you can apply for one after you publish few quality hubs. Getting approved fro AdSense is not easy and you will have to wait few days before your account is approved.  Other ways to earn money is through Ebay and Amazon affiliate programs. First you will need to sign up for Amazon associates and Ebay partner programs, after you are a member you can create Amazon and Ebay capsules with your affiliate links and earn commission every time someone purchases something after clicking on your affiliate links.

Making money with Hubpages is possible is someone wishes to work hard enough and create a quality content and promote. Many freelance writers write for Hubpages and similar sites and create a stream of passive online income for them.  This is a great way someone can make money online without investment because you don’t need your own website, all that is necessary is having something to share that can be useful to other people.