Making Money Online With Website Usability Testing Jobs

One of the easiest way to start making money online is by working on website usability testing jobs. There are many websites online where you can find this kind of jobs and they don’t have any special requirements for joining them and working as website tester.

What is website usability testing?

Many website owners and companies are ready to pay good amount of money to make a recording of you using their site. They will make a recording of your voice and your computer screen as you use their website or online store. This way they will collect information that will help them improve their websites and offer their users and customers easier and more satisfactory experience in using their websites. Website usability testing will help them find out where do the users of their website confusing and  is there anything they wanted to find on their websites that is for hard for them to do. Companies who use the services of website usability testing are able to significantly increase their profits which is the reason why there are many of them who use the services of website testers, including some of the largest online companies

What do you need to start making money online working on website usability testing jobs?

To start working on as a website usability tester you don’t need any special qualifications. You will basic computer skills, a computer connected to internet through a broadband connection and experience in using internet. Most young people today are very skilled and have experience in using their computers and surfing online which makes them qualified from the very beginning.

Other things you will need is a microphone because most of the companies you will work for will require a recording of your voice as you use the website in real time. Also having a web camera can help in finding more website testing jobs because some companies will require to make a recording of you as you navigate the website.

Website usability testing jobs are well paid. A single job will take you about 20 – 25 minute to finish and you will be paid around $10 dollars or less after you finish the job. However the jobs are not too numerous and you probably will find a single job every few days. Clearly not enough to make a full time income.

How to find website user testing jobs?

There are many companies online where you can join and make money testing websites. Many of the companies will require that you pass a test before you are accepted as a tester, but some of them will allow to work on jobs without passing a test. Some of the companies you can join are : Userfeel TrymyuiWhatusersdoUserlyticsYoueyeUsertestingOpinionlabAnalysia.

Making money online with website usability testing jobs is possible but there are not many jobs available. Because of this is recommended that you join one or more of these companies/sites and check regularly for available jobs.