Making Money With Your Blog Selling Ads On BuySellAds

Many blog owners start their blog with a purpose of making money by monetizing their blog traffic. There are many ways blog owners can start making money online. Most of the time when people hear making money with a blog they think of Google AdSense. AdSense is a PPC or pay per click advertising network. Google Adsense ads make money for blog owners when visitors click on them.  Other than PPC there are also CPM ad networks which pay the owners based on the number of impressions. Some bloggers monetize their blogs by affiliate links. They place affiliate links on their blog and when visitors click on them they go to the merchant website and blog owner make commission when they purchase something.

These are only some of the methods to make money with a blog. A good alternative to them is by selling the ad space for a fixed amount of money for a certain time. Simply blog owner sell the ad space to the advertiser for a certain time and is paid a certain amount of money for that regardless how much clicks or impression the ads generate. One of the options webmasters and bloggers can use to sell their advertising space is advertising network called BuySellAds.

Step by step guide for making money with BuySellAds.

Buy sell ads is online advertising marketplace where advertisers and publishers can meet. Advertiers go to find websites and blogs where they can place their ads according to their target audience and budget.  To become publisher and start making money with a blog this are the steps you must take:

  1. Open account with BuySellAds. To start making money online by monetizing your blog  with BuySellAds you must first open an account. To register an account is completely free, all you have to do is go the website( and open an account.

  2. Enter information about your blog. Once you have an account you can submit your blog by filling out a form. g. Once your blog is submitted it will be added to the BuySellAds list where advertisers can search for websites where they can buy advertising space for their ads. The advertiser will have available to them data about your blog like Alexa rank, Google pagerank, number of RSS subscribers etc. If they like to have their ads displayed on your blog they will purchase ad space for a fixed amount of money for a 30 days period. Because there is a lot of other blogs listed you should write detailed description and use keywords and tags to help your blog differentiate from the crowd and attract the attention of potential advertisers .

  3.  Insert code from BuySellAds. After you submit your blog for review,  you must insert a HTML code in your blog so that advertisements from BuySellAds start appearing. When an advertiser buy ad space on your blog, you must have this code in your blog so that their ads can be displayed and you will get paid. Unlike CPC ad networks where visitors have to click on an ad for you to make money here all that is needed to earn money is to have the ad displayed on your blog for 30 days, for which you are paid a flat fee.

Why you should use BuySellAds?

BuySellAds is a great option for blog owners to start making money with their blog fir a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is because monetizing your blog withBuySellAds is very easy. To do that blog owners need to insert HTML code in their blogs and from that point on BuySellAds will do the work necessary.  Your blog will be listed where advertisers can find it and buy ad space on your blog. Once advertisers decide to buy ads on your blog you will be in control and decide which ads you want to appear on your blog. If you want you can set all ads on auto approve or you can stay in control and decide which ads you want on you blog and which ads you don’t and can reject them.

Another advantage of using BuySellAds to make money with a blog is the number of ads you can place on your blog. You can choose the format placement and number of ads you can place on your blog. BuySellAds gives many options to customize the way ads will look like to fit better in the overall blog design and help maximize your earnings.  BuySellAds also allows publisher to set the price on their ads.

Blogs from any niche can become BuySellAds publishers. Business, marketing, food, fashion, style, automotive, sports, personal travel, weddings, humor, politics and other blogs can apply to become publishers.

How much money can you make with BuySellAds?

Selling ad space on your blog can be very lucrative and using BuySellAds is the method of choice for many blog owners over other monetization methods. How much can blogger actually make with BuySellAds depends on many things:

  1. How much you charge for ad space. As a publisher you are given the opportunity to set the price for the ads on you blog. You will keep 75% of  the sale and BuySellAds will keep 25%. However that doesn’t mean you can set astronomical price. Although there are many advertisers, you need to set competitive price for the ads to stay ahead of the competition from numerous other blogs listed there.

  2. Placement of ads. The position of ads on your blog is also very important.  You can place ads on top, bottom or sidebars of the page. Ads placed on top or near the header can get higher price than ads placed and the bottom or other area of the page where visitors need to scroll down to become visible.

  3. Size of the ads. There are many ad sizes available. Larger ads can be priced more. Larger ads like  728x90 ad is more expensive than smaller 125x125 ad.

  4. The niche of your blog. There are many blogs listed from various niches: business, gaming, marketing, finance, food, fashion etc. However you must know that not all blogs can get the same price. The blogs from certain niches can be paid for ad space than blogs from other niche. Blogs from finance or insurance can get better price for their advertising space than blogs from the food or gaming niche. The reason for this is because advertisers are ready to spend more on ads promoting  certain kinds of products than do on other.

  5. How much traffic does your  blog have.  One of the most important determining factors on how much you can charge for your advertising space is the traffic of your blog. Blogs with more traffic and higher number of impressions can be paid more than blogs with less traffic.